Opening Doors to Opportunity



MGRTC Executive Board Elected May 2009


Mike Eorio: AT Practitioner/Professional. Certification in Resume Writing. Trained in New Equipment-communication device-UB-DUO. Disability Navigator. Works with DOL, Macon.

Nalini Isaac: Parent of an adult daughter with multiple disabilities. Has experience in the school system and services/resources in the community. Works as a Parent Mentor for Bibb Co BOE.


Debbie Harbin: Parent of two special needs children. R.N. Husband Steve is a business owner.


Mark Olsen: Interested in transition for students with multiple challenges. Clinical Coordinator, GNETS Program, Macon

Andreena Patton: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. AT Practitioner/Professional. Works with Disability Connections

Administrative Support:

Linda Curry: GLRS Director of RESA, Middle GA.

List of MGRTC-Sub Committees

Please email Linda through our Contact Us page to sign up and join our Sub Committees!

Self-Determination Committee :

  • Provide information, resources and/or training to School Districts, Educators and Families on self-determination and its benefits.
  • Show data
  • Start a Self Determination Class for SWD
  • Track students that have received SD training to see the impact on one or several outcomes: such as increased Inclusion, Social Interaction, Increased Student Achievement, Improved Transition goals and expectations.
  • Better Transition outcomes
  • Promote Person Centered Planning for students as a means of improving Transition outcomes.

Technology Task Force:

  • Responsible for-Websites, brochure and other media materials.
  • Locate and collaborate with community based organizations to create a website and other technology related materials for the MGRTC.
  • Share the work of the council and Transition Resources in an accessible format.

Membership Committee/Bridge Committee:

  • Link to Colleges, Businesses and other Community Partners.
  • Review membership on a regular basis to identify missing partners.
  • Focus on locating, inviting and welcoming targeted new members with a view to building capacity and promoting MGRTC Vision and Mission.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Pursue grants and other funding sources to sustain and grow the work of the Council.

Community Mapping Committee:

  • Identify,locate,and list local,state,and federal community resources to create an easy to use resource guide for the MGRTC and the community.


Minutes coming soon!