Opening Doors to Opportunity



Employment Opportunities

A wide variety of employment outcomes are available for students as they transition from high school into the world of work. In choosing any employment outcome, the vocational goal should take into account the student's interest and abilities as well as the supports needed. There are several options available to consider for students with disabilities to enable them to be as successful as possible in the work force.

Depending on the individual's needs, interests and abilities, the following employment options need to be considered:

  • Competitive Employment- being paid above minimum wage and being employed part or full time
  • Youth Apprenticeship Program- learning a specific occupation while having a part or full time work experience
  • Supported Employment-employment for those individuals who traditionally are not able to work competitively and will need the support of a job coach in a more structured environment
  • Day Training Program- this program is for the more severe disabilities in a structured work setting with continuous support from staff; usually not paid minimum wage