Opening Doors to Opportunity



Independent Living Opportunities

Graduating from school and facing residential options can be a stressful situation for students with disabilities and their family. As individuals with disabilities become more empowered and develop more independence, self-advocacy, and self-determination skills, transitioning from high school to adult life is not as overwhelming as in previous years. Students with disabilities are now realizing their hopes and dreams and are becoming increasingly independent.

Students should ask the following questions when considering a housing option:

  • How much can I afford?
  • Is the neighborhood where I want to live safe?
  • If I share with a roommate, will we be compatible?
  • Is the house or apartment in good condition?
  • Will transportation to work and shopping be a problem?
  • How much support will I need to carry out my everyday activities?

There are several options to also consider when deciding on what residential arrangement would be best for an individual:

  • An apartment with a friend
  • Staying at home and taking on more responsibilities
  • Living on my own
  • Living in a personal care home or an independent living (group home)
  • Living in a dormitory at school
  • Renting my room at home from my parents