Opening Doors to Opportunity



MGRTC History-Where it all began

Several years ago, Bibb and Houston County BOE educators and transition staff began regular informal meetings as a way of networking and sharing resources about transition for students with disabilities.

In the fall of 2008, horizons were broadened. Membership was expanded to include stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, with a view to represent all parties, interested in good transition outcomes for Students with Disabilities.

Simultaneously, with assistance from a GA DOE State Personnel Development Grant,the formation of a self sustaining Transition Council. After identifying key players, a Transition Council Workgroup was formed. The workgroup met regularly for several months. Their task was to work as a team to develop an organizational structure for a sustainable 'Transition Council'. A priority was to focus on diverse Council to include community members beyond education and Agency staff. The 'Middle Georgia Regional Transition Council' took off, with a big kickoff meeting in Feb 2009.

Vision Statement

MGRTC is a group of individuals who have an active interest in ensuring that students with disabilities have opportunities to develop their potential for their future.

Mission Statement

Middle Georgia Regional Transitional Council will facilitate and support the transition of students with a disability from secondary education to adult living, employment, and post secondary education, through successful involvement between local school systems, educators, families, students and their communities.

Current Projects/Goals

  • Establishment of user friendly website, a Facebook page and brochure to promote the Council by enhancing visibility, participation and membership.
  • Explore fundraising options to promote viability and sustainability of council projects.
  • Transition Awards for student and teacher to recognize excellence in local transition efforts.
  • Establishment of a Transition Fair to highlight local resources available to students with disabilities and their families.
  • Apply for grant utilizing assistive technology with peer support with Middle and High School students.
  • Utilize resource mapping to develop a local resource guide.