Opening Doors to Opportunity



Who we are:

MGRTC has a diverse and dynamic membership. We are teachers, parents, students, employers, educators, agency service providers and others from various backgrounds. We each bring our unique skills, abilities and talents to the council. Our goal is to represent our community though the diversity and backgrounds of our membership through inclusion.

What we do:

We meet routinely during the school year for about an hour and a half (see schedule). Typically, we are an informational meeting and an opportunity to collaborate and network with those in the community with a vested interest in the transition process for students with disabilities. We have speakers from diverse backgrounds provide information about programs, initiatives and ventures that have proven successful. It's an opportunity to share your successes, and challenges you face and get feedback from parents, educators, and professionals in this field. We obtain subcommittee reports that provide updates on various council projects, review progress on goals and establish new objectives as needed. We value and need your participation and input!

What we offer:

MGRTC is an opportunity to learn new things, get support, develop new relationships, and share your ideas and abilities.

It is a collaboration of diverse people with a common interest and cause to improve the outcomes for students with disabilities transitioning to life after high school.

It is a place you can come to learn and participate as much or as little as you wish. For a parent struggling with the fears of "what happens with my child after high school?"...we have something for you. For the educator who wants to learn more about resources for students they are working with...we have something for you. For the agency staff who desires to share with others what services they provide...we have something for you. For the employer wanting to learn more about working with those with a disability...we have something for you.

We really have something to offer to just about any one, as there are few in life not touched by those with disabilities.

MGRTC Organizational Chart